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Tannoy Mercury 7C Dark Oak


Mercury 7C

Remaining faithful to Mercury’s heritage as the most versatile of budget loudspeaker ranges, the Mercury 7C is a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker voice matched to other models in the Mercury 7 range.Compact enough to fit in smaller TV cabinets yet potent enough to match the impressive Mercury 7.4 floorstander, this horizontal loudspeaker packs two 127 mm (5 inch) mid/bass drivers and the Mercury 7 series 28 mm (1.1 inch) tweeter in a rear-ported 6.2 litre cabinet.

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    Easily integrated into a basic 5.1 channel surround sound system using Mercury 7.2 at the front and Mercury 7.1 at the rear, the Mercury 7C delivers crystal clear dialogue and focused central vocals for multichannel music. Its 240 Watt peak power handling and 91 dB/Watt efficiency means it is equally suited to potent Mercury 7 surround sound set-up using Mercury 7.4 at the front and multiples pairs of Mercury 7.1 or 7.2 at the sides and rear of the listening room. Its 32 Hz upper frequency extension makes Mercury 7C capable of getting the best from High Resolution multichannel audio while its 62 Hz bass response is an ideal match for typical AV receiver bass management systems.

    Cosmetically matching the entire Mercury 7 series, the Mercury 7C is available in walnut, light oak or black oak luxury wood grain effect finish.

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